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Check out this Virtual Reality 360° Cannabis Grow Room Tour of our 5X5 Gorilla Grow Tent. The 360 Camera catches every dancing cola of our 6 week flowering cannabis garden. The plants are pumping out the oils and terpenes, the trichomes are bulging and the KIND LED grow light is keeping the plants happy and cool. I’ve been using the Fox Farm nutrients schedule, I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Plants: Jack Herrer -2, Skywalker OG – 4, Gorilla Glue #4 – 2, San Fernando Valley OG – 2

5X5 Gorilla Grow Tent, 1000 Watt Kind LED, 10 – 3 gallon pots with Roots Organics Soil. Fed the Fox Farm nutrient schedule using, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, Grow Big, Bembe, Boomerang, Beastie Blooms, Open Sesame and Cha Ching and also Flowers Kiss foliar spray. And NatureCide natural organic insecticide.

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