Welcome to Up Close with Cannabis Strains, let’s take an up close look at Abusive OG

The pleasant yet pungent aroma of the Abusive OG is obvious right out of the container as is it’s dank, deeply olive green color.
The aroma is earthy and spicy and the buds are very dense, hard nugs that take some effort to pull apart and crumble by hand.
There is an abundance of trichomes but they are small and cling deep and tightly to the buds more like a teflon coating than a fuzzy blanket.

Now here is the laboratory testing data of this batch of Abusive Kush. The 3 cannabinoids tested are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBN (Cannabinol.) The Abusive OG strain is a chart topping contender on THC content having an amount at nearly Cannabis Cup Levels. The THC acid level is at 24.77% while the activated THC filled in the remaining 1.74% of the TOTAL THC content of a mind blowing 26.52% This strain has a low CBD acid of only .04% for a total CBD count of .04% There was no CBN’s present in the batch of Abusive OG tested at this time. Data provided by testing from SC Labs in San Diego CA in late April of 2015. The sample was not tested for pesticides or microbiological irregularities.

Now, here is the results of the smoking test of the Abusive OG. The taste when smoking Abusive OG is pungent with a piney aroma and lemony notes. The high is extremely relaxed and somewhat euphoric while easing into drowsy and deflated feelings. The Abusive OG is a perfect end of the day smoke or for someone looking to ease stress and anxiety.

The most negative effects we encountered was somewhat heavy dry or cottonmouth.

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