Strain Reviews

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This is a channel of Reviews of Cannabis Strains from medical cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles California. Indica, Sativa and Hybrid flowers are analyzed and tested for THC content, terpenes and quality. This info is then shared with you so you can be a better cannabis consumer!

Weed Porn Channel

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It's all about the visuals in this fan favorite series of cannabis close-ups, slow-mos and lighting tricks. We did all this to deliver some smooth and classy marijuana videos to smoke an chill with. So sit back, smoke up and crank on some shameless weed porn!

The Bogart Channel

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Go back to were it all began with the classic RuffHouse Studios Series "Marijuana Tips & Tricks with Bogart" Follow along as Bogart smokes and shows us how roll joints, clean bongs, smoke hash, do dabs and so much more!

Comedy & Cannab...

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Stoned Trailers is our original comedy parody series with a cannabis twist. Also on this channel are various other cannabis infused comedy and entertainment videos from RuffHouse Studios.

Cannabis News

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Your hookup for cannabis news, advancements, events and controversies. Marijuana Minute is our classic weed news channel and CannaMinutes is the new and ongoing news series.

How To Grow Cannabis

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Learn about growing weed on the How To Grow Cannabis channel on RuffHouse Studios. "From Clones To Curing" follows the journey of a new cannabis grower using LED lights and soil. Growing 10 plants inside a 5' X 5' Gorilla Grow tent and also using clones. Then, in "Soil, Seeds …

Cannabis Product Reviews

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Product reviews of cannabis products such as vaporizers, grinders, wax pens, e-nails for dabbing and sometimes even edibles and cannabis oil cartridges/ pods. Our concise and thought cannabis product reviews will give you the knowledge to be an informed cannabis consumer. RuffHouse Studios has produced over 100 cannabis product reviews …

Cannabis Tips &...

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Cannabis Tips & Tricks, How-To Videos, Joint Rolling Tutorials and more crucial information for every cannabis enthusiast.

Cooking With Cannabis

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Learn to make cannabuter, cannabis infused cooking oils, techniques for cooking with cannabis and of course dozens of in-depth marijuana infused recipes.